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Bona Mix and Fill is a water-borne filler which is perfect for trowel-filling parquetry or filling small nail holes and fine gaps between floor-boards up to 2mm. Larger gaps may need to be filled twice. Mix & Fill dries in as little as 20 minutes (25 degrees Celsius, 50% relative humidity). Mix & Fill should be mixed with 80 - 120 grit sawdust from an edger or rotary sander to the desired consistency for trowel-filling or spot-filling. Excess filler sands away easily with a 100 grit abrasive.
Special properties
 Guarantees a good colour match
 Quick drying
 Excess filler sands away easily
 Non-toxic and non-flammable
     Mix & Fill is a waterborne joint filler designed to be mixed with sanding dust to a suitable colour. Mix & Fill is used to fill joints up to 2mm in width and other minor defects in wooden floors. It can be used with all Bona wood floor finishes and oils and gives the flooring contractor the possibillity to offer a complete waterborne system.
Product Uses
All interior wooden floors
  1. Works with all Bona finishing and oil systems
  2. Free of solvents
  3. No unpleasant smell
  4. Fills the joints, but doesn't slump
  5. Waterborne, but anti-corrisve
  6. Dries quickly
  7. Easy to sand
  8. Always the right colour of the joint
Binding agent:Acrylate dispersion
Drying time:Approx. 1 hours at 20?C / 55% R.H.- 1mm joints. This time may be extended where deep or wide joints are filled
Application rate:Approx. 10 sqm/litre This depends upon the quantity/depth of the joints.
Flash point:Non-flammable
Shelf life:At least 1 year, from the date of production, in unopened original container
Storage:Store frost-free
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