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Niban Advantages
? Longest-lasting granule in the industry?won?t degrade in heat or sunlight.
? Lasts through 4" of rain and won?t mold.
? Proven superior attractants.
? Allows for quarterly baiting.
? Broad spectrum kill.
? Lowest cost per square foot.
? Perfect add-on for twice/year non-repellant spray treatments.
? Kills the whole colony.
? Good for indoor and outdoor treatment.
? Controls multiple species of ants, including carpenter ants.
? Has virtually no odor. Can be used indoors in sensitive areas.
? Non-staining formulation can be used on wood decks and concrete walkways.
? Mega-mix of attractants to increase uptake by ants year round.
? Provides excellent perimeter treatments. Great replacement for organophosphates.
? Excellent kill in commercial and residential accounts for American and German roaches.
? Great rotation product with other insecticides on commercial accounts.
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