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What is Niban?
To begin, the durable, ergonomically designed, plastic container offers two handles. One at the mid-point and one near the base. This unique feature allows you to adjust your hand to the angle you need for a more comfortable application. Its flip cap reseals easily and allows for an even more accurate application of the bait that you would otherwise not find with a tear bag. The container is also reusable, so you can keep a 40lb. bag with you and refill as needed.
Although the outside is new, the bait inside is the reformulated, patent pending Niban that has been producing amazing results in the field since its introduction. It is effective against ants, roaches, crickets, and silverfish. It has no known resistance, won't degrade in heat or sunlight and lasts through up to 4" of rain. And when used indoors, this non-staining, virtually odorless product remains intact until the bait is consumed. So now, the world's best granular bait comes in the best applicator package.
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