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Niban FAQ

What is Niban Granular Bait and Niban-FG ?
They are granulated baits containing five percent boric acid as the active ingredient and a combination of both protein and carbohydrate attractants.

What insects will Niban Granular Bait and Niban-FG control?
They are labeled for the control of cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, and ants, including carpenter ants.

Does either bait have an odor?
There is no detectible pesticide odor. The only odor is that of the food based attractant.

Will Niban irritate skin?

What is the difference between Niban Granular Bait and Niban-FG?
Both products consist of the same formulation but have one significant difference. Niban Granular Bait contains only coarse particles; excellent for outdoor broadcast and perimeter applications. Niban-FG is made up of very small particles which allows it to be used in any type of dusting equipment. Niban-FG is excellent for indoor crack and crevice treatments.

How can I apply Niban Granular Bait?
With a mechanical spreader, power duster, plunger type duster or by hand.

What type of equipment is needed to apply Niban-FG?

Any type of dust applicator will work. For crack and crevice treatments, a bellows duster works best. For broadcast applications in attics and crawl spaces, the use of a power duster cuts application time considerably.

Can I use Niban-FG outdoors?
Yes. Small ants and silverfish often invade homes from the exterior. They build up in considerable numbers in flower beds, refuse areas, and under chips adjacent to a structure. It is frequently more effective to treat the source of the problem rather than trying to eliminate them after they have entered. Apply in a two-foot band around the perimeter of the home.

How long will Niban remain effective outdoors?
Based on studies, Niban Granular Bait remained effective until it was exposed to between one and a half and two inches of rainfall.

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