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What is BAC-AZAP?
BAC-AZAP is a liquid odor control product composed of multiple strains of microorganisms that directly attack
odor causing organic matter.
Is BAC-AZAP a masking agent?
No. While many odor control products only "hide" or "cover up" unpleasant odors, BAC-AZAP consumes the
source of the odor.
How does BAC-AZAP work?
Stabilized enzymes in BAC-AZAP breaks down and liquefy organic waste
and its odors. The liquefied organic wastes are then consumed by the
microorganisms in BAC-AZAP. This process continues as long as moisture
and a food source are present. Every 15 - 20 minutes, the microorganisms
double in population for quick and effective odor control. After digesting
the organic wastes, the organisms give off the safe byproducts carbon
dioxide and water.
How does it work on dead rodents or skunk odor?
BAC-AZAP is excellent on these types of odors, however,
it is important to apply the product directly on the odor source.
How do I remove skunk odor in a crawl space?
BAC-AZAP may be fogged in these areas through the use of
a fogging device. Dilute two parts BAC-AZAP to one part water and
apply as a fog at a rate of one gallon of mixed solution per 1,000 cubic feet
of confined space.
Can BAC-AZAP be sprayed in air ducts and ventilation fans?
No. This product is not designed for this particular application.
Will BAC-AZAP remove animal urine from carpets?
Although a urine stain may still be present, BAC-AZAP will eliminate
the odor in the carpet if applied directly. BAC-AZAP is non-staining,
however, always test for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. Make sure
enough BAC-AZAP is applied to soak through the carpet padding if odor is still present.
We know a dead rodent is behind a wall. How can I get rid of this odor?
The key to effective odor control is to eliminate the source. In this case,
removing the carcass may not be an option. BAC-AZAP may be sprayed into
a void through small holes drilled into walls.
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