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What is Bora-Care's actives?
Thousands of unwanted boarders are ready to move in, or may
already be living in your home. Termites, wood-boring beetles,
ants and carpenter ants, cockroaches, mold and decay fungi
can eat you out of house and home, literally. What do you do?
Do what comes naturally. Solve the problem with sodium borate
??a mineral as old as the earth itself. The unique way in which
borates eliminate insects insures eective control. In fact, insects
cannot develop resistance. To control wood destroying organisms,
Nisus products are the answer. When wood is treated with borates,
it is eliminated as a food source. Beetle larvae ingest the borates
from treated wood and soon die. Carpenter ants nd the wood
unpalatable, so they don?t nest. And if they come into contact with the
powder or eat the baits, they ingest the borates and soon die. Decay
fungi are eliminated on contact. For more progressive pest control,
treat your home to longer lasting protection from insect attacks.
Treat your home to Nisus borate-based wood preservative/insect control.
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