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Trio disc sanding machine
Powerful versatility

The TRIO is the versatile and powerful floor sanding machine in floor finishing.

From thorough sub-floor treatment via renovation work on pre-finished parquet floors to perfect fine and intermediate sanding, the three disc sanding machine covers a comprehensive spectrum.

The powerful motor has been optimally designed for both the heavy-duty and/or sensitive requirements of these areas of application. The integrated, sensor-monitored dust extractor and well though-out filter system guarantee almost dust-free work. Disposal of the dust bag is also dust-free. Basic equipment ex factory: Universal sanding disc and additional 8 kg weight.

Ideal use:
Excellent for floor finishing and renovating solid wood, engineered, cork and stained floors. For cleaning and polishing as well as for the dry treatment of screed and sub-floors. Only suitable for dry processing.
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